The Eight Most Relevant Software Trends For 2019

At the end of the year, we have to review everything that is to come in terms of ERP Software or management system. We are not seers, but it is our daily tool, and therefore, we have to investigate and know what will come. In this way, we will try to draw the future scenario of management systems.

Every year we see how new trends and features are added to the profile of these computer tools. Do not be surprised that some trends in 2017 are repeated for future years. Let’s see what management systems hold for us:

Edge Computing

For non-connoisseurs of this technology, it is the business model within the so-called cloud technology, which allows you to access all files and use certain computer resources from any device, at any time and place, and store them, since they are all hosted on the internet. It’s what they call cloud-based architecture. The ease of access it implies facilitates mobility, which translates into business flexibility, the direction that many companies are already taking. The progress of mobility is gaining more and more followers and will increase in the future.


The term Software As A Service, in English, is a payment method for the use of ERP software. It is a form of hiring. The user only pays for the modules that the company requires, instead of making a large investment in a complete tool. It is much cheaper and allows small businesses also to have a part of the ERP.

Automatic and Intelligent Learning

The management systems will be able to predict and analyze data more intelligently. Thanks to big data, the programs will create behavior patterns, born from the work habits of the employees, and will be able to make predictive analyzes evolving towards an Intelligent Software.

More Powerful Business Intelligence

Management systems store a massive amount of data. It is a gold mine that we can take advantage of through Business Intelligence. The way the data is displayed will determine its use. The ideal of this type of tool is that they present the data in real-time, in a simple and as visual way as possible. This will allow us to study user behavior, and its subsequent analysis can lead us to revolutionize the business.


Cybersecurity is the trend of par excellence. We are increasingly connected, and therefore, data is increasingly vulnerable. The companies will finally take into account the security of the company and place it as an absolute priority. In fact, big data has developed the ability to detect fraud before they happen. More robust barriers of this type will be incorporated to avoid critical situations.

Knowledge Management

The knowledge that an employee acquires must be able to keep it within the organization. The software must be able to register the talent so that others can benefit later. In short, it is about digitizing business processes, organizing unstructured content.

Web Software

This feature of the software comes to say that it is accessible via the web. Only the user needs an internet connection to access. This allows for rapid implementation, the abolition of incompatibilities, immediate program updates, it is not necessary to have space on the computer and allows 24/7 access from anywhere on the planet.


The acronym refers to Business Process Modeling or business process management. It is a way of working through which the management system guarantees that tasks are performed following defined steps. It will be increasingly present in business software as it is a way of working that improves efficiency, productivity, and decision – making capacity, reducing the margin of error.

Companies must be able to adapt to these changes and develop new functionalities, as they are the tool that the company uses for its daily management. If our software is up to date, we gain success and accuracy.

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