How to Protect Yourself at Home From Online Threats

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue as many companies adopt teleworking policies in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

As we weather the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the need to stop the spread of this deadly pandemic, many of us are acquiring the routine of working from home. This can lead to many difficulties, for example, how to maintain attention, how to balance work with other priorities such as children, and how to be productive without the necessary tools or without a specific office space, not to mention the struggle not to destroy the fridge in one day.

Attackers are also taking advantage of the fact that many people who work from home are not applying the same security measures in their networks as those applied in a corporate environment or that companies have not deployed technologies or policies of Adequate corporate security to ensure that all company-owned or company-managed devices have exactly the same security measures, regardless of whether they are connected to a corporate network or an open home WiFi network.

Business managers and individual employees alike play critical roles and responsibilities for the security of their organization and ensuring that cyberattacks do not further complicate an already altered work environment.

How private citizens can respond

Individual users should be empowered to follow the guidelines provided by organizations and take preventive measures.

Maintain Good Password Management Practices Employees should resort to complex passwords and multi-factor authentication as much as possible and change their passwords frequently.

Update software and systems. Individuals should install updates and patches in a timely manner, also on their mobile devices and on any other non-corporate device they use to work with a good firewall.

Secure your wireless access point. People should change the default settings and passwords in order to reduce the possible impact on their work of an attack through other connected devices.

Use a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs can help create a secure connection between employees and their organizations and ensure constant access to corporate tools. Using ExpressVPN software offers additional protection against phishing and malware attacks, just as corporate firewalls do in the office.

Don’t mix personal and work. Employees must use their work devices for work and their personal devices for their personal affairs. If you’re not going to install or use a service when you’re in the office, don’t do it at home on your work device.

Taking these relatively simple steps both at the business and personal level should help address some of the most common security risks we are exposed to environments. We must also be aware that the context of threats is not static, so it is important to be very attentive to the evolution of threats to avoid unnecessary additional costs and disruptions when we can least afford them.

Stay tuned for hoaxes about COVID-19. We have already seen fraudulent emails, malicious domains and fake apps circulating freely. The authors of these threats love to take advantage of real-world tragedies, and COVID-19 is no different.

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How to Protect Yourself at Home From Online Threats

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue as many companies adopt teleworking policies in response to the coronavirus pandemic. As...

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