Five Technologies That Will Surprise You In 2020

Constant change and innovation without limits have been part of our reality during the last decades. And it has become a reality the fact that every year brings new ways of doing things, new platforms, programs, and technological options that not only affect the way we work, think, or even live.


This is a topic that has been booming for a few years and will continue to be a priority in 2020. Protecting all the digital information, data, and the range of content that each person has or generates on the internet has gained more and more important as they pass years. Therefore, for next year, there will be more and more advanced cryptographic techniques, innovative ways to protect your identity on the web, and the rules on how it is the best way to strengthen security in the online world.

Edge Computing

This technology is a new way to process and understand data. Basically, until now, all the devices that collect data or that are associated with the Internet of Things were responsible for acquiring this data and then uploading it to the ‘cloud.’ However, edge computing aims to change this “passive” behavior with its new philosophy. And this development allows the data to be analyzed closer to where they were created or collected, saving time and giving results or analysis practically in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence

Although there have been several years in which artificial intelligence has been highly relevant, in 2020, it seems to be even more so. And it is in this advance of technology is where today many hopes are placed on improving the day to day of companies. This is because it is the ideal tool to improve customer experience, facilitate services, and manage information more efficiently and productively. And although we already know a little about the way in which this technology works, we must think that next year the idea is to be incorporated in a more organic, more intuitive, and a more ‘natural’ way for users.

Data for Decisions

Decision making within a business is always one of the most important pillars. That is why in the face of the new one that comes, technologies such as the Internet of Things or Big Data analysis continue to occupy the highest positions in the ranking. The idea of ​​being able to use data to give a basis or support to an important decision is a way to ensure that the decision will be well-founded and that in one way or another, there is evidence that serves as proof of why it will work.

5G Technology

Although we have been preparing for the arrival of 5g technology for years, 2020 seems to be the year in which this technology will shine like never before. And although it has not yet been launched, experts say it is a more up-to-date, faster, more stable, and, above all, stronger connectivity, which will revolutionize the way in which we understand, process, and act on information.

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Five Technologies That Will Surprise You In 2020

Constant change and innovation without limits have been part of our reality during the last decades. And it has become...