The MEXIA platform lets you see more deeply into a location than you’ve ever dreamed possible. It literally turns individuals, products, and promotions in a physical space into data points that can be monitored with unmatched accuracy.

At the heart of the system is the MEXIA Sensor Array. This system connects with everything from mobile WiFi and Bluetooth® signals to video camera data to mobile GPS signals, and then anonymously monitors all consumer movement within your space. Plus, the system is custom calibrated to each location, so you get pinpoint detail down to individual displays or products on the shelf.

Now you can instantly know when customers congregate around a promotional display and how many of them are driven to purchase. You can quickly identify bottlenecks in security lines and then verify the problems with the surveillance camera data. You can even see how mobile offers affect a sports fan’s purchasing habits with your vendors. And you get it all while remaining compliant with the toughest privacy standards on the books