The MEXIA Sensor Array is the most sophisticated suite of location-based monitoring, analytics, and mobile marketing equipment to be found anywhere. It’s everything you need to unleash the hidden revenue potential of your store, event space, airport, or any other venue.

Subscribe to our platform and then you’re done. We handle all of the costs for installation, maintenance, and upgrades. So unlike competitors who may force you to absorb the capital expenditure of equipment that could be outdated within a year, a MEXIA plan ensures your technical infrastructure is always up-to-date.

The backbone of the entire system is the MEXIA Sensor. These unobtrusive devices are installed throughout your location and provide pinpoint accuracy for monitoring consumer movement, as well as accurate wayfinding for consumer use in your space. Each sensor is fully compliant with iOS® and Android® app and beacon standards, giving you the widest possible access to mobile devices. The sensors include onboard video analytics for recognizing and reporting security camera data. Plus each sensor doubles as a WiFi hotspot if you want to enable enterprise Internet access.

MEXIA will even install the backend servers in each location, manage the electrical needs, and run the necessary cabling throughout the space to connect the sensor array, cameras, inventory management system, POS servers, and more. This is truly a comprehensive solution that covers all of your measurement and response requirements.