Pushing relevant information, offers, guidance, and other content at exactly the moment the consumer needs it is the real promise of location marketing. Now MEXIA Interactive makes it possible to deliver amazing consumer experiences with incredible speed and accuracy. The built-in MEXIA content management system ( or CMS ) is a robust tool that delivers best-in-class management of everything from text messaging to video delivery to map data. It’s an indispensable resource in its own right, accommodating content for every consumer need you can anticipate. And it works with every major mobile device and beacon platforms, from iOS® to Android®. But where the MEXIA CMS really shines is with its tight integration into the MEXIA platform’s monitoring and analytics. It gives you the ability to respond instantly to changing environments within your space. Now you can do everything from providing updated gate information to passengers on the move to pushing a timely offer to a consumer considering a product.