Where are YOUR location opportunities hiding?
What are the visit trends and patterns of your customers?
Relevant and meaningful engagement shows that you understand your customer
Hi speed Wi-Fi connectivity allows your customers to benefit from the Internet of Things
MEXIA remains the ONLY indoor sensor delivering accurate and relevant insights around the world
MEXIA’s Mobile and Video Analytics give insights into passengers at an unparalleled level. See their complete curb-to-gate journey, reduce their time in security queues, and so much more!


MEXIA’s SMRT Beacons connect you to customers as they move through your location. Improve their experience by giving them the fastest 5G WiFi, personalized offers and messages, and more!


SMRT Analytics for an Indoor Location World
Signal Analytics
Industry exclusive signal analytics provide accurate indoor X,Y,Z geo-coordinates for Understanding, Engagement and Marketing Automation
Video Analytics
People counting, Check-out line wait/abandonment monitor, Queue/Wait times at Security, Real-time text
alerts to managers
App Analytics
Understand the behaviors of your customers who have downloaded your App with on-board iBeacon (iOS), Eddystone (Android) and Placedge (Samsung)
Are you trying to base important decisions on a sample size of 10% or less? With MEXIA Indoor Analytics you have multiple platforms to measure from, giving you insights on 75-100% of all visitors to your location.
Why is Indoor GPS is Important ?
“By making it possible to track customers in the physical world as easily as we do on the Web, indoor positioning is poised to bring the power of web analytics into the physical world, giving us real-time insights into human behavior and habits on a massive scale. These insights will ultimately lead to a transformation in how companies plan, design, and manage their physical spaces and how we shop, live, and interact in them.”
Tony Costa, Forrester Research
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