MEXIA Interactive is the world’s leading enabler of IoT & Omni-Channel solutions for the airport industry. 

Who is MEXIA?

MEXIA Interactive designed, engineered and manufactures the world’s leading IoT/ Omni-Channel HUB for airports and shopping malls. SMRT Sensor has been developed to provide insights for both Operations and Commercial managers.

Our proven SMRT Sensor HUB provides data and insights that allow our clients to improve the passenger experience and increase revenues.

MEXIA provides airports with information vital to understanding the Curb to Gate journey of your PAX and translating this information into new revenue stream opportunities.  This, in addition to ensuring your passengers have an optimal travel experience from the moment they park to when their flight leaves the Gate. MEXIA simply provides the industry’s most complete Omni-Channel solution to allow airports to Understand, Engage & Connect with PAX from “Web to Wing”.

  • We monitor more than 164 million mobile devices worldwide.
  • We have over 35 billion anonymous location data points with a 2.5m level of accuracy.
  • Over 7 million facial scans will be run through our airport security database in 2016
  • We will connect over 23 million PAX to hi-speed WiFi in 2016
  • Eddystone beacons allow for proximity based personalized offers to over 400 million consumers and Mexia is the leading Eddystone platform provider

What Clients Are Saying

“Using MEXIA Interactive’s location-based analytics to monitor passenger traffic we can instantly identify bottlenecks in security lines, thus enabling us to correct them quickly and provide a more enjoyable experience for the 4 million passengers that pass through our airport annually. It is also now possible for us to know when passengers are congregating around a particular promotional zone in the airport and how many of these passengers are then driven to make a purchase, data which we can use to improve in-airport marketing going forward.” Graham Keddie

Managing Director | Belfast International Airport
“…We need to be able to react in real-time when areas of the airport get busy and offer our passengers information about how long wait times are when they arrive at the airport so they can make decisions about where they are going and if they have time to eat or shop.”Ciaran O’Connell

Process Improvement Manager | Cork Airport

SMRT MSA | Mobile Signal Analytics

Why does MEXIA succeed when others falter?

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    Active Scanning Devices

  • Connector.

    XYZ Positioning to 2.5m

  • Connector.

    No App or log-in to Wifi required

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    Cross-shopping and Curb-to-Gate Analytics

SMRT AVA Platform

What sets MEXIA apart from others?

  • Live wait times in uncontrolled environments.
  • KPI threshold alerts in real time
  • Bottleneck predictor
  • Integration with existing CCTV installations
  • Gender Analytics
  • Age Group Analytics
  • Facial tracking dept to dept
  • Security recognition system

SMRT Sensor IoT Omni-Channel Platform

What MEXIA’s Omni-Channel Platform?

Why MEXIA's Omni-Channel Platform?

At the heart of the sensor platform is the MEXIA SMRT Sensor HUB providing Omni-Channel analytics and marketing solutions to airports around the globe.

Our Differentiating Features

1. USB powered/external antenna (no batteries to run out)
2. Open-source hardware and software agnostic
3. iBeacon & Eddystone protocols
4. App-free Eddystone marketing platform

SMRT Sensor Deep Dive

MEXIA Omni-Channel Reporting

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    Data Correlation Providing Deep Insights

    MEXIA’s SMRT BI Correlation & Insights dashboard provides you with powerful, granular insights into what’s happening within the airport .

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    Attribution measurement and reporting of marketing campaigns

    Behaviors and other data can be correlated to provide actionable marketing campaigns and operational efficiencies

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    Natural Language Report Building

    This is the part you’ve been waiting for. The money! Whoohoo. Here we go.

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    Real time data reporting with historical Insight dashboards

MEXIA Interactive WiFi

Landing page integration

Personalized communication

Data collection/marketing opportunities

On-board hi-speed at 802.11ac for enterprise level access


The backbone of the entire system is the MEXIA SMRT Sensor. These unobtrusive devices are installed throughout your location. Take a Deep Dive to learn what the MEXIA SMRT Sensor will provide.


MEXIA prides itself on offering a very client friendly installation process.   A client will simply in subscribe to our platform and then they are done. MEXIA handle all of the costs for sensor installation, maintenance, and upgrades over the term of the contract. So unlike competitors who may force you to absorb the capital expenditure of equipment that could be outdated within a year, the MEXIA SMRT Sensor HUB ensures your technical infrastructure is always up-to-date.

MEXIA will install the backend servers in each location and connect the SMRT Sensor HUB, existing cameras, inventory management system, POS servers, and more. This is truly a comprehensive solution that covers all of your measurement and response requirements.

Take a deep dive


MEXIA works hard to ensure clients are able to interpret and effectively utilize all of the information our SMRT_BI reporting system provides them with.  Each client if provided with a dedicated Customer Service specialist to work with them to bring the reporting to life.  Through a series of interactive training sessions, clients are shown how MEXIA’s reporting system works and how they can make it work to best suit their needs.

Clients also have access to MEXIA’s 24-hour monitored Support Ticket System, to report any issues as they happen.  This allows MEXIA to receive requests in real time and ensure that issues are resolved as quickly as possible.