MEXIA Interactive, as part of an industry coalition with The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), participates in a major announcement by U.S. Senator Schumer on the Code of Conduct to promote privacy and responsible data use for retail location analytics.
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FTC PRAISES NEW PRIVACY CODE FOR RETAIL ANALYTICS FIRMS -The Future of Privacy Forum rolled out a new set of guidelines for companies that track consumer movements in physical retail stores Tuesday, and got some kind words from FTC Director of Consumer Protection Jessica Rich. "It's great that industry has recognized consumer concerns about invisible tracking in retail spaces and has taken a positive step forward in developing a self-regulatory code of conduct," Rich said of the framework, which Sen. Chuck Schumer's office helped facilitate. "Our staff appreciated the opportunity to provide feedback in the process of creating the code. This is a rapidly changing industry with critical consumer privacy implications, and the FTC is paying close attention how retailers are using these new technologies." (POLITICO)

The retail industry is changing and it is more important than ever that mall owners and retailers engage with consumers at point-of-decision (POD).

Knowledge of traffic flow, patterns and visitor behavior not only creates a better traveller experience, it helps to increase airport retail sales.

Through accurately measuring traffic flow in real time, municipal departments can determine quickly the areas that require attention and expansion.

As an event coordinator or manager, you have guests to engage, sponsors to work with and results to achieve. Engage with participants on a whole new level.

The MEXIA Crowd Control System provides real-time information to support the police and security services which saves time and can save lives.

You might know how many fans are sitting in seats on any given night, but do you know how often those same fans are at the same game?